Epimatic was founded in 2003 to pursue the development of our own ERP package for small to mid-size clients. A product named “Evolve” came out of that effort and to this day is a testament to our depth of knowledge with ERP and business logic, as well as our technical expertise. The application was successfully implemented and supported for a handful of clients in Canada and the US.

As proud as we are of what was accomplished by building Evolve, we have realized the improvements made to NAV and the future direction of that product are a better fit for the Small to Medium Business market that we focus on. We are now completely focused on building on the knowledge we’ve gained from Evolve as well as the experience we have with NAV to help customers get the best out of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV product. We are encouraged by the changes in the NAV 2009 product and look forward to tighter integration with the full Microsoft technolgy stack.