Dynamics NAV with ProJob Implementation: ELS

Company Name:  Engineered Lifting Systems and Equipment Inc.
Industry:  Lifting Device Manufacturer
NAV Version:  NAV 2009 (Role Tailored Client interface)
Database Engine:  Microsoft SQL Server 2008

ELS Logo 


Engineered Lifting Systems and Equipment Inc. is one of Canada’s largest independent manufacturers of overhead material handling systems, with installations in almost every province. In addition to its Canadian customers, ELS also provides equipment to many international clients. ELS employs 34 people consisting of skilled tradesmen, professional engineers, accountants and sales professionals and operates out of a 45,500 square foot facility in Elmira, ON.


As a job shop, ELS’ business is almost entirely driven by customer orders. While ELS has a broad range of product offerings, their systems are tailored to individual customer needs, thus making each crane or hoist a custom job. ELS had a system that enabled them to enter and process the various transactions involved in their operations (sales orders, purchase orders, inventory movement, etc.) but the activities were not tightly tied together. Managing jobs could be an onerous task, having to manually look up transactions tied to a job (purchase orders, schedule, etc.) to assess the status and stay on track. Good tools did not exist to identify early on whether required items would be arriving too late for the job. This would lead to production issues and having to expedite required components.

Scheduling resources and managing capacities was also a challenging task. The previous software enabled resources to be scheduled against jobs, but ELS struggled to segregate different work types (engineering, shop, field installation) and identifying capacity issues. Generic resources had to be defined for cases where work was scheduled but the specific people were not yet assigned, and good tools did not exist to then stay on top of these generic assignments and properly plan them out.

ELS was limited in their ability to see accurate full-picture job profitability results, and to measure those results against budget. A new system was needed that would enable them to more effectively MANAGE jobs, and to accurately ANALYZE post-mortem job results.


ELS selected Epimatic to implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009, a state of the art ERP solution from Microsoft, in combination with the fully integrated ProJob add-on for Job Management. This solution leverages the rich functionality of Microsoft Dynamics NAV that covers core operational areas such as Financials, Supply Chain, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing and Manufacturing with Epimatic’s fully integrated ProJob in a single role tailored interface.

Epimatic’s ProJob add-on provides functionality, as an add-on for Dynamics NAV, that is optimized for ELS’ job shop requirements. This overall solution of NAV with ProJob is rendered seamlessly within a single interface so users don’t have to jump back and forth from different applications and directly meet ELS’s core requirements for a new system:


    • ProJob allows jobs to be set up with multi-level bill-of-materials-type structures. Items do NOT have to be assembled through a complex manufacturing module to handle component assemblies. Individual components of the job can be shipped to customers as needed. It is a structured approach to defining a job, with execution flexibility. 
    • All ERP systems have various pricing options for items, but not all support cost-plus-markup pricing, and the ProJob ability to ROLL UP costs to parent “system” levels, and allow cost-plus markup at that level, is truly unique. 
      ProJob Job Structure
    • Customer orders (jobs) provide clear line-level details on item availability from stock or open purchases. The net “need” for components is immediately visible, and created purchase requisitions/orders are fully linked to the job. Status updates on the purchase side flow back to the job, so if a vendor communicates a delay in the expected delivery date for an item, the change is instantly visible from the job. If the update creates a scheduling issue, it is highlighted as an exception that needs to be dealt with. 
    • The ProJob solution provides a clear and effective mechanism for allocating incoming items and existing stock to jobs. Allocations can be executed quickly and easily directly from the job, and users always have clear visibility to both available and allocated inventory.
    • ProJob has powerful scheduling tools that enable individual resources (people or machines) to be scheduled on jobs, or even scheduling of general work types WITHOUT specifying the actual resources (to be determined later). Either approach will consume capacity so that upcoming availability is always clear. The software can even handle resources that span multiple work types (eg. an employee can perform either electrical work or plumbing work) so that capacity shows under BOTH work types, but a scheduled task on either type clears the capacity for both.
      ProJob Schedule
      ProJob Gantt Schedule
    • ProJob provides clear visibility into the status of jobs, making it easy to ensure that required parts arrive on time, and that required work is scheduled effectively. Rather than having to hunt down information, the system brings key status data to the forefront.
      ProJob Role Center
    • ProJob enables users to directly requisition/order needed items from the job, and can automatically suggest and execute stock allocations and vendor orders. 
    • The new system is able to look at defined job structures and automatically translate those to resource requirements and suggest schedule entries.
    • ProJob fully leverages analysis “dimensions” provided by Microsoft Dynamics NAV, but takes them to a further level to provide drill-down job profitability analysis versus budget. Analyze job results starting at the high-level cost category (Material, Labour, Other), then drill down on exceptions to assess lower-level item categories and work types to pin down where things went wrong. The tools are in place to learn from your mistakes and better manage future jobs. 
      ProJob Profit Analysis

Microsoft Dynamics NAV with ProJobs was implemented for ELS in January 2011. The solution has delivered on its promises and has enabled ELS to quickly improve their job management and optimize performance. In their own words:

“Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the ProJob add-on provide us the information we need to schedule work, check status of parts and manage our resources with an intuitive easy to use interface. Information we need is generally no more than a click away. As our business grows and we take on more work we can no longer rely on individuals to remember where and when, so our mantra has become “check NAV” for all issues related to resource planning and project management.”
Richard Kat, Engineered Lifting Systems and Equipment Inc.