Zap BI Fact Sheet

A single, complete BI solution to meet your needs

Whether the management accountant is completing end of month financial reports, or the operations manager is modeling alternative price points, they use the same business intelligence solution. With Zap Business Intelligence software, only one application is maintained and trained across the enterprise – ensuring a low total cost of ownership and maximum productivity.

So user friendly it becomes the heartbeat of your organization

Zap Business Intelligence is the heartbeat of your organization – the mission critical system used by business leaders every day to manage more effectively. With Zap Business Intelligence software, business leaders enjoy usability and flexibility to fit the solution to their individual needs. Users don’t touch code or rely on developers to create analytics.

Powerful analytics that make a difference to the bottom line

Zap Business Intelligence provides all the standard capabilities users expect, including reports, ad-hoc analysis, scorecards, dashboards, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The advanced capabilities in Zap Business Intelligence have a high impact on operational effectiveness and bottom line profitability. Zap Business Intelligence gives you automated management reporting, what-if analysis, alerts, and report scheduling. Business users are empowered to create their own analytics, and power users welcome the simplicity and flexibility in creating complex analytics and automating workflows.

Proactive intelligence provides an early warning system

Zap Business Intelligence automates discovery and learning, so business issues are instantly highlighted. Alerts are pushed to the relevant recipients, and include detailed reports showing the cause of performance changes. Reports can be scheduled, distributed, and subscribed to, based on specific events and timeframes. Reports can even be shared from Zap outside the company network (for example, to customers).

Extreme flexibility to adapt the solution to your needs

Zap Business Intelligence provides unprecedented flexibility to be easily customized. Users can view analytics via Outlook®, exporting to Excel®, or integrating with a SharePoint® deployment. Zap Business Intelligence can be extended to other business systems, creating a united, company-wide analytics portal.

Rapid set up and maintenance

For BI projects on SQL Server® data sources, Zap CubeXpress is a unique productivity tool that fast tracks your deployment. This patent-pending tool automatically identifies tables, relationships, and data usage, to provide an optimized, meaningful cube for immediate use. For customers running Microsoft Dynamics NAV and CRM this allows all the customized tables and data structures to be included without writing complicated scripts to extract and load data.

Minimal technical resources required = low TCO and rapid ROI

Zap Business Intelligence requires minimal technical resources to deploy, train, and maintain, leading to a low total cost of ownership, and a rapid return on investment. Zap CubeXpress fast tracks solution setup; the web interface of Zap Business Intelligence ensures a rapid deployment and requires no software installation; packaged analytics provide meaningful content from day 1; and usability removes barriers to creating custom analytics and ensures user adoption. Zap Business Intelligence is built using 100% Microsoft technology, minimizing the need for specialist technical resources

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