Zap Rapid Implementation

Zap CubeXpress

Zap CubeXpress handles all of the back end data extraction, transformation and loading of data from one or multiple transaction systems. This includes known business applications like Microsoft Dynamics AX, CRM and NAV as well as other systems where the data structure and model is not known in advance through the use of a built in analysis process. In the case of modifications done to those base Dynamics solutions the analysis processes will consider and include new data structures and include them in the data warehouse where necessary.

A business intelligence solution built with Zap CubeXpress focuses on using software and computing resources to build out as much of the data ware house as possible before programmers and analysts get involved to refine things into a final solution. By using this approach to deploying a solution it minimizes the amount of time required to build the data mart and leaves a lot more time for building reports that unlock the relationships in your data – getting customers up and running analyzing their data sooner.

Zap Foundation Report Packs

Zap has produced foundation packs of reports, dashboards and KPIs specifically covering the different functional areas and modules in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, AX and CRM. These foundation packs offer 100’s of reports for each application and allow companies to rapidly roll out a functional BI solution based on their existing data. Using these foundation packs in conjunction with CubeXpress provide an out of the box solution custom tailored to your data.

Some report pack highlights:


  • Corporate Sales Overview and Sales Manager Dashboards
  • Customer Group Sales (Month to Date and Trend)
  • Customer Sales Summary
  • Critical Late Deliveries KPI


  • Vendor Delivery Performance – Dashboard and Scorecard
  • Top 10 Vendors – Delivery Performance
  • Returned Qty. Analysis by Item Group
  • Open Purchases Analysis

Inventory Management

  • On Hand Inventory Dashboard
  • On Hand vs. Sales Trend Analysis Report
  • Slow or Dead Inventory Analysis
  • Inventory Turn Over Dashboard


  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness Dashboard (also by Work Centre)
  • Production Scorecard
  • Top 20 Scrapped Items Analysis Report
  • Production Qty. Quality Analysis