Food Manufacturing & Distribution

One Solution to Manage Your Entire Food Business

Food manufacturers and distributors have no shortage of issues that keep them awake at night. From costing to traceability to waste and quality there are very few industries that are as important as Food and have considerable challenges. With epimatic and Microsoft software with Aptean add-in connects departments, data and processes into a single cloud ERP. With Epimatic’s professional team gives you the insight, visibility and control needed to take your business to the next level.


Why You Need a Specialized Food ERP?

  • No matter what type of food or beverage you’re producing, manufacturing, processing or delivering, your operation is complex and intricate.
  • Changing consumer trends, evolving regulations, traceability concerns, food safety management, catch weight calculations, grower accounting—the food and beverage industry is just too specific to use a generic ERP solution.
  • Even with customizations, plug-ins or add-ons, you’re unlikely to get all of the capabilities you need to conquer the complexity and efficiently grow your business.
  • Instead, you need a tailored ERP for food from a provider that knows your industry inside out.
  • With a purpose-built solution, you can unlock automation, increase efficiency, enhance visibility and maximize performance in your operation—so you can deliver quality food and meet customer demand easily.

Design new products in tune with evolving customer requirements

Formulate and manage recipes

Formulate new products and recipes for evolving customer requirements and trends.

Manage recipes and batch sizes using your preferred units of measure, instructions for preparation, and tolerance levels.

Control plans and designs for the production and costing of co-products and by-products in single or multiple inputs. A detailed product design will help optimize material procurement and waste management.

Handle all the steps for commodity acquisition

Establish a qualitative sourcing practice

Our food-enhanced Business Central can help your organization deal with aspects of commodity goods acquisition: planning, ordering, receipt, inventory management and payment to vendors. Track and process ingredients based on batches/lot numbers to ensure full traceability.

Improve your vendor relationships by providing them with accurate requirement forecasts that seamlessly transition to actual orders.

Comprehensive food production management

Implement robust and fool-proof demand planning

Get a complete overview of the demand and supply of finished goods at any given point of time. This will help you put together robust and fail-proof demand planning process, and to generate production schedules to meet the delivery requirements.

Business Central will also enable you to capture and analyze production data. This will allow you to plan the availability of raw materials, packaging, and intermediate inventories as warranted by your analysis.

Ensure quality is never compromised for your brand/products

Leverage automated processes to direct and manage quality testing

Business Central provides your organization with comprehensive tracking and enforcement of quality metrics. Direct and manage quality testing and reporting at all relevant stages. Use gathered data to improve processes – drive production planning and make decisions that produce outputs of the highest quality.

End-to-end management of your entire business

Microsoft Business Central with Aptean add-in is enterprise management software for food companies. From the moment materials and ingredients enter your facilities, until the finished product is delivered to your customer, the software is there, helping manage every aspect of your business. By moving all of your data and workflows from multiple, independent platforms into a single cloud ERP, you ensure superior data integrity, production management and manufacturing processes, quality control, safety, sales, delivery, finance and forecasting.

Anywhere, anytime access to all your business data

Microsoft Business Central runs on the Microsoft Cloud platform and provides the accessibility, scalability, and reliability that you expect from your management software. Whether employees are in the front office, on the shop floor, or on the road, they are able to access and interact with the data that drives your business. Running Microsoft Business Central in the cloud provides lower costs of management, faster adoption of new capabilities and allows you to focus on building your business, not on managing your technology.

Ready to take your food business to the next level?

Explore how Epimatic with Microsoft Business Central with Aptean can help you sleep at night by improving food safety, streamline operations and manage your business growth.